The creative landscape is changing. Technologies like Pro Tools, the iPod, and peer-to-peer networks have become mainstream in the digital age, creating a wild frontier of sorts in music. Independent artists can reach mass audiences once forbidden to them. These technologies are fostering the rise of “semiotic democracy”—where more and more people are no longer passive consumers of mass media, but active participants in creating culture. Cops vs Lawyers, Issue 3

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SHOUT Interviews XXL's Elliot Wilson

Mass props to Mr. Wilson for reaching out to the indy/undy media! Enjoy dominating the market, Elliot, and always keep an ear to the street. Click on image for interview...

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Questions for Issue 5 Cops vs Lawyers:

In our next issue, SHOUT will look into the yes and the no behind victorious SF Propositon H, banning handguns in city & county. Our usual suspects answer these 5:

How will it be enforced as far as penalties, gun buy-backs, etc?

Why were past gun laws insufficient for SF?

Will this curb gun crime in SF?

Will the Black Market incline?

How does H's passage affect SF's reputation?

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A Little Treat by Our Homeboy Spair

Actually, our lawyers and JayZ are hasing out a respectful resolution which I can no longert comment on. Until resolved. Here, have some Rich Kids on LSD. They bring it. A good story if you can follow it.