The creative landscape is changing. Technologies like Pro Tools, the iPod, and peer-to-peer networks have become mainstream in the digital age, creating a wild frontier of sorts in music. Independent artists can reach mass audiences once forbidden to them. These technologies are fostering the rise of “semiotic democracy”—where more and more people are no longer passive consumers of mass media, but active participants in creating culture. Cops vs Lawyers, Issue 3

الأحد، نيسان ٢٤، ٢٠٠٥

The SHOUTCAST is on baby!

We're pleased to introduce the first of its kind: a podcast of the Bay Area's finest hip-hop artists. Click here to download the shit directly, import it to your iPod/Mp3 Player and you're rollin' with over 40 minutes of tight flows and beats only the Bay can bang out.

Or, with iTunes:
Click on "Advanced" and select "Subscribe to Podcast". iTunes then prompts you to enter a URL. Copy and paste this link: and you're in biznass!

Much love to DJ Icewater, the mixtape master, who put it all together.