The creative landscape is changing. Technologies like Pro Tools, the iPod, and peer-to-peer networks have become mainstream in the digital age, creating a wild frontier of sorts in music. Independent artists can reach mass audiences once forbidden to them. These technologies are fostering the rise of “semiotic democracy”—where more and more people are no longer passive consumers of mass media, but active participants in creating culture. Cops vs Lawyers, Issue 3

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Turntable at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival

The 8th Annual San Francisco Independent Film Festival kicks off next week. And among the bevy of dope, low-budget films being featured here in town is Turntable. Written and directed by Robert Patton-Spruill, Turntable is the story of three brothers in Boston, and the blurry line that often separates crime and hip hop.

These days Hollywood seems to only delve into hip hop culture in order to show stuffy white folks 'getting their groove back.' Turntable is not this type of movie nor is it another self-serving bio-pic about a living rapper who has harrowed through a whole three albums of a 'career.' But don't get it twisted! Turntable is a dope movie, with plenty of twists, turns and sexy curves. So get out there and support your local film festival, Bay Area!

USA 2006
88 minutes
Film Description

-Women's Building
2/10 7p

-Roxie Cinema
2/12 2:15p

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